Retreats at CTK Retreat House

Located in a secluded wooded area of Central New York, Christ the King Retreat House is minutes from downtown Syracuse. The quiet, peaceful, contemplative atmosphere provides the perfect environment for private and group retreats. ALL RETREATS ARE OPEN TO PEOPLE OF ANY RELIGIOUS AFFILIATION


2019 Retreats 

Recovery Retreat-May3-5 with Paul Curtin Rescheduled from April For all those working the 12-Step Program, this weekend will provide a spiritual perspective.  Activities include conference, small group meetings, times of fellowship and quiet time for prayer and reflection.  Directed by Paul Curtin, Alcohol Counselor. Registration begins at 5 pm on Friday with dinner at 6 pm.  Retreat ends after breakfast on Sunday.  Offering:  $160, Commuters $80

Clergy Retreat with Fr. Lou Sogliuzzo, SJ -6/10-6/14

Silent Preached Retreat  with Brother Michael Laratonda, FMS 6/23-6/28/19 “Haunted By God:  Echoes On The Journey” This silent guided retreat will combine morning presentations on being ‘haunted by God’ with several film screenings offering key insights through the visual art of storytelling.. Presentations will ‘touch into’ major themes in order to notice:“Where am I today?  What is God inviting me to now in my spiritual journey?” Offering:  $475, Religious:  $450, Commuters:  $250

Retreat on Anthony DeMello  with Sr. Ellie Martinez-6/29 “Rediscovery of Life”. Tony will lead us to reflect on ways to nurture happiness as well as the many ways we often obstruct happiness. “ We were taught to have desires so intense that we would refuse to be happy unless they were fulfilled.” ” If you were not actively engaged in making yourself miserable, you would be happy.” (quotes from DeMello) Note: This is not a repeat of any previous retreat. People of all faiths are welcome and there is no requirement to have attended any previous retreat.  Offering:  $35 includes lunch

Retreat Weekend with Sr.  Melanie Svoboda, SND    7/19-7/21“Hanging onto Hope” How do we hang onto our Christian hope amid the gloom and doom that sometimes pervades the daily news—and our personal lives? This retreat explores the virtue of hope and its relation to faith, love, wonder, and courage. Using scripture, short videos, stories, music, and humor, Sister Melannie will suggest ways we can nourish hope in our everyday life and draw closer to God, the ultimate source of all hope.   Offering:  $475, Commuters:  $240 ($100 Non-refundable deposit required.)

Silent Preached Retreat with Fr. Brad Milunski, OFM  8/4-8/9  “Called to Be Disciples and Prophets” This retreat will focus on key narratives from Sacred Scripture that describe the call of God throughout the sacred history of both the Old and New Testaments and how they illuminate our continuing response to the divine initiative in our own lives. Retreatants will be invited to pray with these biblical texts and characters in light of classic themes of the spiritual life. Offering:  $475, Religious:  $450, Commuters:  $250

Retreat/Workshop with Jan Phillips 8/25-8/30/19“Beyond Belief: Becoming the Mystics and Prophets We Are Born to Be” Healing the world begins with healing ourselves. As Ramana Maharshi reminds us: “The greatest service we can render the world is our own self-realization.” This means that we become the greatest light in the world when we master our own ordeals and connect our creative potential with our spiritual power. Becoming a prophetic person starts with a spiritual practice. Spirit moves from silence to thought to word and action. When our words and actions are rooted in our spiritual commitments, we become a light in the world and a force for good.This workshop is an entry point into our own  spiritual intelligence. Using creative exercises, poetry, storytelling and video, we learn the secrets of mysticism and non-duality. We learn how to let go of the fears that have kept us silent and create a life that is full of purpose, spirit and prophetic power.  Offering:  $475, Religious:  $450, Commuters:  $250

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