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May 31-June 4 Sunday-Thursday, Yoga and Prayer Retreat We will explore poetry, prayer and spirituality through yoga and movement. Body awareness exercises, breathing techniques and gentle yoga postures will be offered daily as well as time at the pool, walking on the paths and exploring the beautiful grounds of CTK. Rest your mind, relax your body and rejuvenate your soul with yoga and presence. Retreat begins on Sunday at 5 pm with Dinner at 6 pm.  Retreat Ends after breakfast on Thursday. Mass will be offered Monday-Thursday. Offering:  $525, $100 deposit required


NANCY PLUMER, M.S., has been a yoga instructor for over 30 years.

She is the co-founder of Women with Wisdom and has a private spiritual counseling practice in Stone Ridge, NY.  KAREN SUPPIES lives and teaches therapeutic yoga along the shoreline in CT. Her focus is to embrace the spiritual and healing aspects of yoga through movement, prayer and meditation.

June 6-Saturday DeMello Retreat with Sr. Ellie Martinez 10 am- 3 pm  Father Anthony DeMello believed that spirituality was waking up to fresh ideas and recognizing the attachments that hinder our relationship to God. In this retreat we will use 2 of his videos: Life – an examination of ways to become more alive, and How to Love – a description of the myths of love; an explanation of the differences between love and desire; and offerings of what true love is. You do not have to be present at previous retreats to enjoy this one and this retreat is not a repeat of any previous one. Offering:  $35 includes lunch.


Sr. Ellie Martinez is a Grey Nun of the Sacred Heart and has given numerous lectures and workshops on Anthony DeMello and his works.


June 8-11 Clergy Retreat with Fr. Peter Cameron “Cut to the heart” (Act 2:37): Living the Priesthood in a Time of Crisis Retreat will include key aspects of faith life/priesthood that get overlooked, which can result in sadness, anxiety, or despondency in the believer/priest. Some of these topics include:

  • the human need for the Infinite
  • seeing vulnerability as a gift
  • dealing with our woundedness
  • “rejection is like rocket-fuel” (The Wall Street Journal)
  • banishing the blackmail of sin
  • living true authority
  • what it means to be a credible witness, especially in preaching
  • authentic fatherhood and priestly fatherhood

Offering: $475, Commuters:  $250 $100 non-refundable deposit required and $50 deposit for Commuters.  Registration begins on Monday at 5 pm with dinner at 6 pm.  Retreat ends at 11 am on Friday.

Father Peter John Cameron, O.P., was ordained a Dominican priest in 1986. He holds a Licentiate in Sacred Theology with a concentration in New Testament theology from the Dominican House of Studies, and a Master of Fine Arts Degree in playwriting from the Catholic University of America. He is an award-winning playwright, and the founder and artistic director of Blackfriars Repertory Theatre in New York City. From 1994 until 2018 Fr. Cameron taught homiletics at four seminaries.. From 2001 to 2003, Fr. Cameron was the spiritual director of the Neumann Hall pre-theology seminary program at Dunwoodie. Fr. Cameron is the author of ten books, including The Classics of Catholic Spirituality, Why Preach, Mysteries of the Virgin MaryMade for Love–Loved by God, Novenas for the Church Year, and Jesus Present Before Me. Fr. Cameron is the founding editor-in-chief of Magnificat, where he worked from 1998-2018. Fr. Cameron now serves as the director of formation for Hard as Nails Ministries, whose mission center is here in Syracuse.

June 12-13-Friday-Saturday Young Adult Retreat Weekend with Fr. Jason Hage “24 Hours for The Lord” We know you’re busy and at times it’s hard to dedicate your time to extended retreats.  Come and experience a retreat where you can give your everything to God in just 24 hours.  Offering:  $50


Father Jason Hage currently serves as the Director of Vocations in the Diocese of Syracuse.  He is the Pastor of St. Mary’s Church in Hamilton, NY and St. Joan of Arc Mission in Morrisville, NY respectively.  With his pastoral assignments he also serves the Colgate University students and has years of experience in working with young adults. 

Spiritual Reflection Retreat with Br. Don Bisson,FMS Saturday July 11“Decontaminating our images of God” In the Spiritual life, we are invited to let go of our distorted and broken images of God, which can propel us into a dark night, and instead move toward a healing and loving more deeply.  This retreat intends to weave together contemporary psychology, spirituality, spiritual direction and elements of the mystical journey in order to ultimately help participants love and feel more deeply loved by God. Offering:  $30 includes lunch

Silent Preached Retreat with Brother Don Bisson,FMS Sunday July 12-Friday July 17 “Marinated in Merton-Deepening our Spirituality through the Life and Writings of Thomas Merton” This conference will study Thomas Merton’s writings, messages and prophetic vision for our times.  We are living in a climate of political chaos and a regression on many of the issues of the 1960’s.  By staying with his own words, we will be challenged, in this new generation to face racism, violence, political shadows and war.  Come and create a spiritual community to engage our world in the light of wisdom.  Offering:  $475, Religious:  $450, Commuters:  $250.  A $100 non-refundable deposit required and a $50 non-refundable deposit for commuters is required.

Brother Donald Bisson FMS, D. Min., is a Marist brother, Jungian Psychologist, Spiritual Director, Trainer Supervisor of Directors.  He has graduate degrees in liturgy, spirituality and transpersonal psychology.  Brother Don is widely respected as a retreat and workshop leader on the inter-relationship of spirituality and Jungian Psychology.  His wide range of Audio CD’s will be available for sale

 July 12-17 Sunday-Friday -Silent Directed Retreat Open to clergy, religious and laity with an opportunity to meet with an individual experienced director.  Directors:  Sr. Mary Ellen Schopfer, CSJ, Gerry McKeon, SJ, Margaret Babcock, Brother Joseph Jazwiak, FSC. Please specify retreat director preferred when booking.  Check-in begins at 5 pm on Sunday and retreat concludes on Friday at 11 am.  Offering:  $475, $450 religious, $100 non-refundable deposit required.

Preached Retreat with Fr. John Quigley-July 19-24“Our Changing Understandings of God, our Source and our Home.” Scripture gives us many different and even conflicting images of God. History of religious beliefs also give us different ways to describe and to approach God. Even within the Catholic tradition there are different theologies (God-talks). We relate to God in very different personal ways throughout our lives. How can we differentiate and discern true from false or incomplete images of God? Fr John will look at stories from the Bible and the history of Christianity to help us have a stronger belief in God who is all Merciful, Beauty, Peace and Simple Goodness. Offering:  $475, Commuters:  $250 ($100 Non-refundable deposit required.)

Father John Quigley is a Franciscan Friar who lives in Cincinnati. He has a double ministry of preaching retreats and painting. He worked in Cincinnati with the New Jerusalem Community for 8 years and the Jesuits at Milford Ohio for two years. John has extensive experience in working for justice, peace and the protection of the environment. For 8 years he was director of Franciscan efforts for peace and justice in his Franciscan province before going to Rome (10 years) and the United Nations in Geneva Switzerland (12 years) where he worked on the international level for justice, peace and human rights. Back in the USA since 2009 he has returned to his artwork that had been set aside for the past 35 years. He has an art studio in Cincinnati where he conducts classes and workshops as well as exhibits his artwork.

July 19-24- Sunday-Friday -Silent Directed Retreat Open to clergy, religious and laity with an opportunity to meet with an individual experienced director.  Directors:  Sr. Marise May, OSF, Fr. Lou Sogliuzzo SJ, Ann Derr, Kathleen Owens. Please specify retreat director preferred when booking.  Check-in begins at 5 pm on Sunday and retreat concludes on Friday at 11 am.  Offering:  $475, $450 religious, $100 non-refundable deposit required.


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