Retreats at CTK Retreat House

Located in a secluded wooded area of Central New York, Christ the King Retreat House is minutes from downtown Syracuse. The quiet, peaceful, contemplative atmosphere provides the perfect environment for private and group retreats. ALL RETREATS ARE OPEN TO PEOPLE OF ANY RELIGIOUS AFFILIATION





 Preached Retreat Weekend with Paula D’Arcy June 22-24  “OPENING TO THE LIGHT” Drawing on themes from her book, STARS AT NIGHT, Paula will speak about the light that moves, even in the darkness, as we find our way through life. “We live in a universe in which a great power is moving.” Offering:  $250  ($50 Non-Refundable deposit) Commuters:  $175

Silent Preached Retreat July 15-July 20 with Anthony Ciorra,”EVERYDAY MYSTICISM” God is present in the ordinary events of everyday life. We are called to become more aware of God’s presence in the ordinary, mundane events of daily life. This retreat will offer a Practical road map for Practical people seeking to grow deeper in their relationship with God. This retreat will be about a spirituality for a changing world and church for the twenty-first century.  Offering:  $475, Commuters:  $240 ($100 Non-refundable deposit required.)

Silent Preached Retreat by Brother Don Bisson  July 29-August 3 2018  Healing the Hole of the heart: the Mystic Journey
This guided silent retreat will invite us to enter the healing space of the Heart of God. The invitation to deep healing parallels the call to union with the Divine. From a Jungian- Christian process of talks, dialogue, silence, we will enter the mystic journey to wholeness.  Offering:  $475, Commuters:  $240  ($100 non-refundable deposit required.)

Retreat on Anthony De Mello with Sr. Ellie Martinez Saturday, September 15, 9 am-4 pm  A peace- filled life is possible regardless of what comes our way! This retreat will focus on awareness, detachment, and the obstacles to peace. Included will be prayer and meditation exercises and selected videos of  Father Anthony De Mello, a master of spirituality.  It will leave us with numerous insights into how we sabotage our serenity and awaken us to a new freedom and an awareness of what truly matters.  Offering:  $35 (includes lunch)




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