Date(s) - Sunday, July 19, 2020 - Friday, July 24, 2020
5:00 pm - 11:30 am

Christ the King Retreat House

“Our Changing Understandings of God, our Source and our Home.” Scripture gives us many different and even conflicting images of God. History of religious beliefs also give us different ways to describe and to approach God. Even within the Catholic tradition there are different theologies (God-talks). We relate to God in very different personal ways throughout our lives. How can we differentiate and discern true from false or incomplete images of God? Fr John will look at stories from the Bible and the history of Christianity to help us have a stronger belief in God who is all Merciful, Beauty, Peace and Simple Goodness. Offering:  $475, Commuters:  $250 ($100 Non-refundable deposit required.)

Father John Quigley is a Franciscan Friar who lives in Cincinnati. He has a double ministry of preaching retreats and painting. He worked in Cincinnati with the New Jerusalem Community for 8 years and the Jesuits at Milford Ohio for two years. John has extensive experience in working for justice, peace and the protection of the environment. For 8 years he was director of Franciscan efforts for peace and justice in his Franciscan province before going to Rome (10 years) and the United Nations in Geneva Switzerland (12 years) where he worked on the international level for justice, peace and human rights. Back in the USA since 2009 he has returned to his art work that had been set aside for the past 35 years. He has an art studio in Cincinnati where he conducts classes and workshops as well as exhibits his art work.

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